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COZUMEL, MEXICO and My Top 5 Favorites!

These are just a FEW of my favorite places in Cozumel, Mexico. They are not in any particular order - they are all good. My 10 years of cruising equal at least 11 stops in this great city. The people have always been so cordial and kind. It is everything you think of when you imagine a pristine beach community in Mexico.

#1Adrian Cozumel - I highly recommend Adrian Cozumel for a private excursion while visiting Cozumel. He will work within your budget and make sure you have the best time! He knows some of the best kept places for dining and fun. If you have special requests or would like something unique, Adrian knows exactly where to take you. He works with individuals and with groups to create memorable experiences for his guests.

Adrian's Facebook Page & Adrian's Website & Contact Info

This is Adrian:

And this is ALSO Adrian!

#2 Pancho's Backyard - My trips to Cozumel ALWAYS include a stop at Pancho's Backyard for a nice relaxing time of good food, great margaritas, and sweet music. Yes, it is a tourist spot if ever there was a tourist spot! I tell my client's to START at Pancho's, then work your way backward through the market. I have found the best prices in the shops around Pancho's Backyard. This is my favorite stop in Cozumel.

Pancho's Backyard on Facebook

GREAT TripAdvisor Recommendations

#3 Kun Che Park - So nice, I went twice!! This is listed as JUST a "Mayan Ballgame" excursion for Carnival Cruise Lines. I am really absolutely NOT a sports type of person. I almost did not book it, but ... I wanted to do something different. I am SO glad I did ... and I tell everyone to experience this at least ONCE... if not twice. It is a trip to the jungle and is rich with Mayan history and culture. The trip I experienced started with a Mayan blessing, a guided tour through the Maya Reserve, the ball game called Pok ta Pok (Find more about Pok to Pok here), then tortilla making (Maya tamal), Sikil-pac tasting (Mayan Pumpkin Seed Dip - This thick pumpkin seed dip is a unique and delicious alternative to guacamole or hummus.) chocolate making i.e. artisan organic cacao and xtabentun tasting, and ended with a Mexican folkloric show and buffet lunch! See?? It was AMAZING! OH... and before you get back on the bus to head back to the ship or hotel, there is a tequila tasting that is handled like a fine wine tasting. You will hear the history of the drink, how it is made, and get to sample the different grades and flavors. The facility is beautiful. The hosts are so kind and accomodating, even pushing wheelchairs through the rocky dirt paths. At one point they brought us iced towels to cool off from the jungle heat - yes, it was warm but they did everything to make it a very pleasant experience! Love, love Kun Che Park.

Find them on Faceboook here.

Great Promo Video:

#4 Passion Island - Another favorite memory, although the last time I went they had made quite a few changes that I found to be a little disappointing, but it is still a very beautiful place. The boat ride to the island is fun and festive. The water changes to every hue of blue imaginable and you may even get to see flying fish traveling along side the boat. Everything is included - the drinks are cold, the food is good, and the beach is sunny and bright. I would go here again. (My disappointment was because they had moved a few structures, the drinks were watered down, and it was a bit too crowded on my last trip to find a table and chairs - but we eventually did find a place to park ourselves.)

Cozumel-Passion-Island-VIP-All-Inclusive-Beach-Break-Excursion (Yes, that's me on the far right, posing with my sisters. This is one of the structures they moved to the jungle so you cannot take this gorgeous picture again.)

#5 Buena Vista Ranch - This was my FIRST excursion on my very first cruise. Of course I will never forget it and it holds a special place in my heart. It is a gorgeous ranch, with handsome cowboys (vaqueros), beautiful horses, amazing scenery, and great food. The last time I was here was in 2008 so I have had trouble finding my digital photos, but I will add a few to this blog post when I come across them. I remember watching a young vaquero work with a mare and her foal in a green patch of cool grass. I watched an older lady make tortillas and serve the guests. I was just amazed at the beauty, kindness, and hospitality of the staff. I also remember being SO sore the next day from the horseback ride! haha... but that is to be expected!

While searching online for current information about the ranch for this blog, I noticed that they may have had pretty severe storm damage (perhaps around 2013). I knew I had not seen this listed as an excursion for a couple of years and wondered what had happened. BUT they are back! This is a beautiful working ranch and worth the trip.

Find them on Facebook here.

Read the reviews and see the photos here.

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